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Discover my beginner sommelier tool, developed with love and only for you!

Let your imagination, your tastes and your inspiration of the moment run wild…
Create your own infusions using my personalization tool.

If you wish to order a mix that you have already made, simply enter its name below, as well as the desired format. Make sure you ordered it with your same customer profile so I can find the recipe!

How does it work?

Here are some tips before you start:
I suggest you start with a recipe of 3-5 ingredients but no more than 10. Try to balance the flavors, it is always better to put your accent ingredient in greater proportion. However, if, as an example, you use mint or lavender, which are very flavored, your other ingredients may be masked or very light in the mouth.

An example recipe would be: 2 servings of chamomile for 1 serving of mint and 1 of lavender.

It is always best to use ingredients of the same density, shape or size. Do not be afraid to make strange or improbable pairings, the fusion of the ingredients could surprise you. As in all areas, practice and patience are essential, but the most important thing is to have fun! If you have any questions about ingredients, serving sizes, or want help with creation, please feel free to use the instant message box or contact Lady T at info@ladyt.ca.