Well-being trio

Well-being collection: detox, energy & sleep. Often the creation of my products comes from specific needs of my friends or customers.

For this trio, well I created it above all for myself because, I admit, I would like god goodbye to a few extra pounds and cellulite. Trying on a swimsuit always comes too early, doesn’t it?

But to do this, BE CAREFUL there is no miracle recipe unfortunately. You need to be active, eat well and have a restful sleep. Drinking detox herbal tea on your sofa with a Kit-Kat and a bag of crisps will unfortunately not work (I have already tried :-)). So to help you in this healthy approach, I have concocted recipes for a detox – energy – sleep trio with specific ingredients for each category.



Descriptions of the three infusions:

Detox (Waka waka):

This detox tea is specially formulated to eliminate toxins, promote drainage and cleanse the stomach.

The original idea was to find a recipe to eliminate the fatty deposits of toxins and thus help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Want to maximize your results?

Add 5-10 minutes of jumps per day (dancing rope, trampoline), exfoliate and / or practice the palpate-roll massage.

Ingredients: Green tea (antioxidant), black tea (energy), dandelion (stimulates digestion and detoxifies the liver), Meadowsweet (eliminates toxins), blackcurrant, jasmine, lychee, papaya, hibiscus (mild diuretic), rose ( tonic)

Instructions: take 1-2 cups per day (morning or evening)

Infuse: 1 teaspoon • 8oz of hot water • 95 ° C for 3-5 min.

Antioxidant: high / Caffeine: medium


Energy (Corinne):

In the morning, after the midday meal but never after 3:00 p.m. so as not to compromise your sleep, this tea will bring you energy while activating your metabolism.

Do you want to fight fatigue, release stress and increase your endurance?

Corinne is there for you! For an extra boost: listen to the song, it always works!

Ingredients: Yerba mate (energy), gynostemma (stress and strength), mint (well-being), wulong (metabolism), orchids

Infuse: 1 teaspoon • 8oz of hot water • 95 ° C for 3-5 min.

Antioxidant: high / Caffeine: high


Sleep (Fly me to the moon):

Getting enough sleep is essential to be in good health but also to be in good shape. Fatigue alters our diet, disrupts our internal clocks and therefore promotes weight gain.

It is at night that all of our internal clocks regulate themselves, including the metabolism. Lack of sleep slows it down, which promotes weight gain.

So put all your chances on the bright side by adding this good night herbal tea to your evening routine!

Ingredients: Rooibos (deep sleep), chamomile (calms and soothes), valerian (sedative and calming), lemon balm (anti-stress & insomnia), verbena (digestion and sleep), rose (stress), papaya, orange, mango, pineapple , calendula, blackberry leaves

Infuse: 1 teaspoon • 8oz of hot water • 95 ° C for 3-5 min.

Antioxidant: medium / Caffeine: none


In case of doubt about the products to adopt, it is always preferable to consult a doctor.

In case of pregnancy, it is not recommended to consume these products due to the lack of studies on side effects on pregnant women.

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