Green tea & fruity jasmine wulong

L’appuntamento means “appointment” in Italian. It’s the perfect name for this delicious tea, which beautifully combines the floral notes of jasmine with light fruity notes.

I strongly suggest listening to this amazing song to get you in the mood… accompany it with a delicious fruity dessert 🙂

Why do I blend two tea families like green and wulong? It brings roundness to your cup and an infusion you’ll remember.

Green tea vs. wulong tea

Green tea and wulong (or oolong) tea are two different types of tea with unique characteristics.

Green tea is a type of tea that is mainly produced in China and Japan. The leaves are harvested and immediately dried to prevent oxidation, which preserves the green color of the leaves and prevents the development of the fuller-bodied flavor of oxidized tea. Green tea is often described as having a fresh, herbal flavor with notes of grass, hazelnut or butter.
Wulong (or oolong) tea is a semi-oxidized tea, mainly produced in China and Taiwan. The tea leaves undergo partial oxidation before being heated to stop the oxidation process.The level of oxidation can vary from one wulong tea to another, resulting in a wide range of flavors from light to full-bodied. Wulong teas can vary in color, shape and flavor, but are often described as having a sweet, floral flavor with hints of fruit or hazelnut.Both teas offer health benefits due to their antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content.Green tea is often considered richer in antioxidants, while wulong tea is considered more beneficial for digestive and metabolic health.




Green tea, wulong tea, natural aromas

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    1 teaspoon / cup of water (250ml)     80 ° C ideal water temperature    steep for 2 to 4 minutes

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